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Marketing Team Manager

  2021-04-06     Spark*l Inc     1140 Kendall Rd Suite A     65,000 - 70,000 year  

We are a female-founded business that designs and crafts smart watch bands and leather accessories from upcycled vintage designer goods. We promote creativity, empowerment, and growth in a beautiful studio environment. We are built on authenticity, sustainability, and integrity, and we work to provide a unique customer experience. 

We foster a culture of appreciation, productivity, respect, growth, and reward. We provide a beautiful fashion-focused artisan environment with music, snacks, and employee discounts. We do because we place a high value on the happiness and success of every employee. As a creative company, we thrive and grow by constantly evolving to meet the changing trends in our industry.  This translates to continuous shifts and improvements in our practices and methods throughout all phases of our business, requiring our staff to remain open-minded and eager to embrace change as we evolve. 

We give back to our community, practice product sustainability, and provide a white-glove experience for our customers while working on location in our studio and production facility headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA.


The Marketing Team Manager is the visionary leading our company’s marketing efforts, while managing and guiding the efforts and outcomes or our marketing team and department. You'll accomplish this by evaluating and developing marketing strategies, planning and coordinating marketing efforts, designing, proposing, and communicating marketing strategies, and building awareness and positioning for our company’s brands both internally and externally. You will work closely with our Concierge (customer service & inside sales) department as well as our production team to develop pricing strategies that will help us maximize profits, while watching and planning for market trends. 

Marketing Team Manager Responsibilities:

  • Build a Marketing Vision, Strategy, and Schedule. Identify our target customer and build promotions to reach our key audience and our influencers. Incorporate all marketing tools including but not limited to product drops, newsletter, website, social media presence, influencers, R&D,  promotions, video, and much more. 

  • Hire and lead the marketing team in all marketing department tasks. 

  • Lead marketing meetings, guide communication, collaboration, and continually create and reinvent new ways to reach and support our customers through our marketing efforts. 

  • Coach, mentor, and guide your team to success. Coach for performance improvement, career development, and firing when necessary. 

  • Oversee, strategize, and monitor results in  the graphic design and development of all imagery that appears across all social and web platforms, packaging, and collateral. 

  • Drive creativity, give quantitative and qualitative goals to designers to ensure timeliness and excellence. 

  • Manage the development of  packaging design. Present the ideal unwrapping experience for our customer and plan the product packing process. Present to management and train the shipping department. 

  • Manage the design, writing, and building of all collateral that travels with our products including thank you cards, the guaranteed authentic cards cards, stickers, and other items as the product packaging evolves.  Oversee the process, collaborate within departments, seek management approval on designs and concepts, research and source packaging vendors,  identify pricing, and propose  overall concepts and budgets to leadership within deadlines.

  • Oversee, guide, and strategically manage all social media content. Ensure that Photo images and content are forwarded to appropriate people and departments for timely posting to each platform, often multiple times daily. Through your team, post a variety of engaging story posts throughout the day, including links, new products, and lifestyle stories.

  • Manage and guide the photographer/videographer in ensuring that imagery is consistent and on-brand.  Inspect images to ensure the photographer is capturing and cultivating the aesthetic we want for the brand. Review and inspect all Photography/Videography for aesthetic, ease of messaging, and branding.  

  • Lead the team in content, storyboards, vision and goals. Oversee all projects, deadlines, and quality outcomes  to ensure they reflect the company’s vision, mission and goals. 

  • Develop and lead marketing strategy for both yearly, quarterly and monthly objectives. 

  • Leading all marketing platforms including but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube.

  • Manage content and collaborations schedule for company Founder.  

  • Manage all sourcing and fostering companies to collaborate with for the Founder, Production, or other social media purposes. 

  • Continually conduct competitor research, identifying opportunities to meet our customer’s  evolving interests and staying ahead of trends. 

  • Work with our Concierge (customer service & inside sales) department as well as our production team to develop pricing strategies that will help us maximize profits, while balancing against market trends and product elasticity.

  • Shopify.  Maintain, update, and continually improve our Shopify product personalizer.  Use Photoshop or other tools to create and update personalizer pages in Shopify.  Also work with Production Floor Manager to ensure quantities of inventory are properly reflected. 

  • Manage daily Shopify and social media postings with a minimum of 4 weeks ahead of schedule completed.

  • Develop promotions and advertising campaigns in collaboration with the Concierge Manager. 

  • Work with other department leaders to ensure all teams are set-up for success in terms of marketing advancements. 

  • Understand your Marketing budget and complete all projects within the budget allocated, by deadline. 

  • Lead the entire marketing team in the unified company and department goals, including the Marketing Graphics Design Coordinator, Photographer & Videographer, Content Writer, Social Media Coordinator, and Event Coordinator (titles and roles may shift as the company expands and additional roles may be assigned/hired). 

  • Hire, fire, train, lead and coach the marketing team.

  • Manage staff performance, guide to improvement as needed, and recommend growth opportunities for strong performers.  Write Performance Reviews, Performance Coaching Plans, and Coaching communications for all members of the marketing team. 

  • Adhere to all company guidelines with respect to discounts, repairs, replacements, or gifts to customers. All discounts, gifts, or discretionary financial adjustments must be approved in advance by the GM. 

  • Actively attend Manager’s Meetings and report to the GM. 


  • 5+ years of experience in running a marketing team and marketing campaigns. 

  • High competency in project management

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or communications

  • Ability to solve problems independently, and seek direction when needed

  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills. 

  • 5+ years of experience with digital marketing forms such as social media marketing and content marketing. 

  • Strong graphic design skills.

  • A successful history as a problem solver. 

  • Successful leadership experience managing a team of 5+ direct reports.

  • Proven marketing campaign experience.

  • Professional and proactive work ethic.

  • Effective time management skills and ability to multitask.

  • Excellent ability to plan ahead and be organized.

  • Strong copyright skills. 

  • High attention to detail.

  • Firm adherence to policy, knowing when to request an exception

  • Articulate communicator. Your verbal and written communication style is clear and concise.

  • Patient listener 

  • Demonstrate a high level of integrity, and would never consider stealing. We have zero tolerance.

  • Learn quickly and adjust to change without resistance. 

  • Train others and share your knowledge. 

  • Collaborate in a fun and positive work culture.

  • Adhere to our safety policies at all times without exception. Your safety is paramount. 

Other Responsibilities

As needed, all staff members will be asked to participate in the production phase of creating and shipping our products during peak seasons. Please be prepared to accept overtime requests during those times and join us in meeting the high demands for our spectacular products! 

Job Specifics 

  • $65-$70k based on experience

  • Eligible for Benefits including Health, Dental, Vision, Life, and paid vacation, after waiting period. 

  • Full-Time exempt position in our Headquarters in San Luis Obispo, CA (onsite position) 

We are committed to a work environment that supports, inspires, and respects all individuals. We believe in personnel processes that are merit-based and applied without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, national or ethnic origin, or military service status, or other protected characteristic, making us an equal opportunity employer beyond what is required by law. We do this because it’s the right thing to do. It’s just who we are.  


Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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