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San Luis Opispo Jobs Seekers: Before You Change Careers, Read This

There may come a period in your life when you realize that your current job isn’t cutting, or is no longer sustainable for you, and you dream to be elsewhere. Sometimes, this can involve switching your chosen career. Changing careers is not a decision to to made made as a whim, but if you decide to go with it, here are a few useful guidelines to keep in mind while you apply for San Luis Obispo Jobs, These tips are courtesy of The Wall Street Journal.

1. Establish goals: according to the Journal, goals relating to career change should be sorted into the following three categories: short-term, intermediate , and long-term.

2. Do your research: If you're going to switch careers, you would do well to identify which industries are expanding. Job boards and business news publications are the great places to look. The Journal also identifies the Labor Department’s Occupational Outlook Handbook (which can be found on the website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics) as a good research source.

3. Take assessment tests: these exams can help you find out or rediscover skills and talents and jobs that suit these abilities. The three tests that the Journal recommends are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory, and Campbell Interest & Skill Survey.

4. Find out what skills are required: You’ll have to do some more research to cover this step. Networking comes into play as well. Taking training classes and doing volunteer work can help you improve on the necessary skills if your credentials are lacking.

5. Update that resume: We've discussed that your resume should be customized for every job; in this case, highlight skills or experience that will be most relevant to your new line of work.

By Kyle Wise

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