Cover Letter Guidelings for San Luis Obispo Jobs Seekers

While the resume can be said to be the most important document you can produce during your job search, the cover letter is also an extremely important building block of the job application process. As you look for for San Luis Obispo Jobs, having a well-written cover letter is at least of equal importance as having a quality resume. Sidestepping errors and following the guidelines will help your letter stand out from the rest in the eyes of potential hiring employers. Here are some great cover letter tips, courtesy of Seth Porges of Forbes:

1. Don’t just regurgitate your resume: this happens far too often. Many applicants treat their cover letters as just lengthy versions of their resumes, regurgitating all of their prior work experience and education into the letter, forgetting the fact that that is what resumes are for. Briefly recapping your experience in one or two sentences allowable, but always keep in mind that your resume is about your experience; your cover letter should be about what you can bring to the table for the company.

2. Keep it short: cover letters shouldn't exceed a page. In fact, the average cover letter can be written in just three paragraphs and still contain all of the relevant information. If you are having difficulty keeping your letter short, following step one will certainly help.

3. Address no one: often times applicants will not be aware of whom to address in their letter. If you are ignorant as to whom exactly will be reading your letter, don’t bother addressing anyone at all; jumping right into the body of the letter is acceptable.

4. Avoid the phrase “My name is ______, and I am applying for the position of _____.”

5. Give it a strong ending: close your letter with two to three sentences explaining how your experience can help your potential future job performance.

By Kyle Wise

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