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San Luis Opispo Job Seeking: The Basics

Looking for jobs is challenging even in the best of circumstances. If you haven't been a job seeker for a while, or are just starting out, it can be tough to even know where to being. When you're applying for San Luis Obispo jobs, stick with these basics to reduce your stress and make your job search that much easier:

1. Use connections: your family and friends or even third-party friends can help your job search. It doesnÂ’t hurt to ask around. Someone may know someone who has an opening available. They could perhaps help you become aware of openings that aren't public knowledge yet.

2. Know your skills: think on your past experiences and try to find something from them that could make you more marketable. This need not apply to past jobs; any volunteer or extracurricular activities in your past could give your resume a boost.

3. Make finding a job your full time job: this is a lot simpler than it sounds. If you are in a dry spell during your job search, simply make job searching your primary day-to-day activity. Set yourself a goal of putting in a certain number of job applications a day. Always remember that job searching is a numbers game. The more resumes you give out the more likely you are to get it into the hands of someone who wants to hire you.

By Kyle Wise

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